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Are you feeling like you need some help at school, with problems with your friends, family or are you just feeling down at times? 

Most young people go through a stage during their teenage years when life just feels too complicated. Sometimes you might not even know why. Have you ever felt this way?

You could be experiencing bullying or feeling left out, frustrated or angry, finding school work tricky, have left school and feel lost and don’t know how to ask for help. Maybe you can’t seem to talk to mum or dad……….

i-Connect is a free Family Mental Health Support Service that looks after 0 to 18 year olds both in and out of school. i-Connect provides one-on-one regular support with an trained adult who is there to assist you for as long as you need. Together you’ll look at developing your goals, such as personal goals, looking at what career you want to follow, getting support from local services, making school and educational choices or helping in making the family a more secure place to be.

Whatever it may be, you work together to help you achieve them.  Sometimes you just need information on how to get help or need an adult to speak on your behalf, even with your parents if communication has broken down. 

If you feel that this help is something that would help to make your life, family life, school life and relationships with others better then contact us on 1300 369 630.