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When I was 2, mum and dad separated. I lived mostly with mum, but stayed with dad more as I got older. I have always been very close to my mum, and I loved hanging out with dad on weekends. When I was 8, both my parents repartnered. Suddenly I had to live with dad’s partner who had a 10 year old son and mum’s new partner, Sam who had a 6 year old, Lily, at my school!

It was really tough. All the things I used to do with my mum, like takeaway on Fridays with a dvd had to include Sam and Lily. Lily was allergic to peanuts, so we couldn’t even have peanut butter in the house! My whole routine with mum and my dad changed. I felt like I’d lost them.

After about 2 years I began to like having a step-sister and actually miss her when she goes to her mum’s. I don’t get on as well with my step-brother, but that’s because he has anger problems and dad helps me with this.

The thing that helped me most was seeing mum and dad happier and my mum and Sam asking Lily and I how we wanted our family to be.

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