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So I’ve been cruising through school, not the best student but not a bad one either, I get my work done on time and usually get pretty good results, but still make time for my friends and video games. But this semester we have a new teacher and I think he’s mean, a really hard marker and like he’s got it in for me.

I asked my older brother for help (he went to the same school) and he told me that “spending 13 years in school chances are that you come across some teachers that you might not like or that you feel might not like you. Teachers are never out to get you, some just have different teach styles. You need to step up and put more effort in to your work, once the teacher is happy with your work chances are he will lay off you a bit and let you just get down to it”.

And so what I did was put a bit more time into my homework and save the video games mostly for the weekends. Now I’m getting good results in my class and the teacher seems to be quite happy with me. So im pretty stoked!

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