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I don’t know when I first started to worry so much, but a while ago I noticed that I was short of breath and panicking about nothing in particular! At first, I worried about my schoolwork and tests. Then I got worried about friendships and what people thought of me and then I panicked where I couldn’t breathe. I got really dizzy and thought I was going to die. I shook a lot and felt I was going to throw up. It scared me so much that I started to worry that it would happen again. I was anxious all the time, panicking that I would panic! My mum took me to see a counsellor who helped me to make a ‘worry tree’. I had a ‘worry time’ and I learned not to pay attention to anxiety and worry at other times. I learned how to do some mindfulness exercises and how to hear my sensible thoughts when the worry would come. My sensible thoughts helped me to sort things out. I’m not so scared of my worries now because they are more tame and I listen to them when I’m calm.

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