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Not friends anymore

My best friend Kelly started to hang out with some other girls when we were put in different homegroups. I ended up pretty much asking her to choose between them and me because I don’t like the other girls. We had a fight and she said she didn’t want to speak with me ever again.

When my mum saw how upset I was she started asking why. I told her what happened and I wanted to go to a new school. She told me what every mum would say – I’m not to run away, that wont help.

One of my teachers noticed that Kelly and I weren’t friends anymore and I think she could see how upset I was. She told me I should speak with the school counsellor. It was a great idea – I liked the counsellor. The first thing she suggested is to try and keep busy with a hobby, so I decided to start playing basketball at lunchtime – I really love it!

We’ve now started a new year and Kelly and her friends are all in different homegroups.  Kelly said hello to me when I first saw her over the holidays, I said hello back.

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