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Community help

Life has been really hectic lately!  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with uni, cancelled shifts at work and now focused on caring for my mum who’s currently in treatment for breast cancer. My brain is so overloaded, I’ve started to forget things and I haven’t been eating as much. Mum and I live alone and we don’t have much family support.  My boyfriend and his family have been great with some practical support, but I feel a bit guilty relying on them all the time. Recently,  someone suggested that I see a counselor. I have just started to see one of the counsellor’s at uni which has been really helpful. I’ve realised that I have been spending too much time looking after other people and not enough time having fun, or relaxing. My counsellor has also helped me find some community home help for me and my mum, so that I don’t have to do all the washing, cleaning and cooking everyday.

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