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what can i do to help me fit in


Social groups can be really tricky to navigate, especially at school. Sometimes it may feel like you have to change yourself to be like the others around you. But stay true to yourself.

It’s about finding people who appreciate you for who you are and have some of the same interests and values as you - people who care about similar things to you like being trusting, loyal and caring. Consider what your interests are: maybe you like art, animals, sport, music, memes, or Pokemon. It’s important for you to know things about yourself so you can choose the right people to spend your time with.

No one feels that they fit in all the time. There are groups of people who look like they have it all together. On the outside they may appear to be great friends, popular and really happy. But at times, everyone second guesses who they are, feels lonely or let down.

You need to find the people who you have things in common with, so you can start a conversation and build on a friendship from there.

You don’t need lots and lots of friends. One good friend is awesome.

To fit in can be boring! You are more unique than that.  If it is really getting you down then we have some brilliant places you can contact for more support.  

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