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It’s really hard to talk to guys that I like, and it makes it even more challenging when they are pissed or worse Stoned. I wish we could socialize more where everyone is not wasted. I like funny guys, but some party drug use sucks. Am I Weird or old fashioned or something? Or are other girls getting sick of wasted guys who can’t talk, dance or kiss without vomiting?


You are not weird or old-fashioned (and no one likes a kiss with a vomit chaser!). I'm sure that most of your girlfriends would feel exactly the same.

There are lots of funny guys and a lot of them don’t get wasted. If there's a particular guy that you really like perhaps you could tell him (I know this may sound scary) but make it clear that you don’t enjoy people’s company when they are really pissed or stoned.  It can sometimes be surprising how boy’s behaviour changes when they know someone is keen on them.

Another option is to try hanging out with boys who don’t get wasted all the time. Some people think people aren't as cool if they don't drink, but they will be just as funny and a lot easier to dance and snog.

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