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Hello. So I was just wondering recently, I’m currently dating a 14 year old. We have not, and will not engage in any sexual interaction (no nude photos, no sex, no inappropriate touching, the most we will do is hug). I am 17 years old, turning 18 at the end of the month. She is 14, turning 15 in August. Could our relationship get me into trouble with the law, even if we do not engage in anything sexual?


This is a very good question, and you are doing the right thing to ask about this issue, in order to protect yourself and your girlfriend. If your girlfriend is under 16 years of age and you are sexually intimate with her, then you are breaking the law as she is under the age of legal consent.

Although there are only three years’ difference between you and your girlfriend, there can be a big difference in maturity and development between the ages of 14 and 17.

It can be exciting to have a girlfriend, but your priority should be to keep yourself and your girlfriend safe and not to break the law. It sounds like you are aware of the need to not have any sexual interaction with your girlfriend, which is good, and it is important that these boundaries are maintained.  

I think that it is important for you to speak to someone confidentially about your situation. I have listed some great places you can get in touch with below for more help. They have very friendly people on the end of the phone who are there to talk to you about what’s happening. Many of these services also have chat support. Please contact one of these services so you can have a more in-depth conversation around your situation and any concerns you have.

Thank you for getting in touch, I hope this information is helpful.



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