I like, like you

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Find out about RAV’s new whole school approach program about healthy minds and healthy relationships.

I like, like you is our healthy intimate relationships program for school. It’s a preventative initiative developed by Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) and run in high schools.

I like, like you uses a whole school approach to promote the connection between healthy intimate relationships and emotional health and wellbeing.

What that means is ……

We’ve learnt from our research and work with young people that it’s really important to talk to you, young people, about intimacy and about the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

This is because close and intimate relationships influence us across our life span and play a crucial role in our growth and development. So what you know and learn now can last a lifetime.

Some of the topics that we will explore are:

  • the connection between having a healthy mind and having a healthy relationship
  • the kinds of knowledge, skills and attitudes that you need to have a healthy relationship or to make a good choice about a relationship.
  • the influence of technology, gender, culture, media and our own families on relationships.

A major part of this program involves getting you to think about where you stand with these influences. We have a strong focus on getting you to think about who you are and what are relationship values, or what are they going to be?

Are you currently acting out your relationship values? How are you going to know you are listening to yourself and living out your relationship values? What are your rules for people getting emotionally and physically close to you? We look at how you can integrate some of our material into your everyday life.

If you're interested in I like, like you running at your school, talk to your teachers or School Principal. They can call us on (03) 8573 2272 to find out how we can tailor I like, like you for you and the students at your school.