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I think I have always been a bit different. When my mates started to speak about hot girls I just pretended to agree. I knew that I liked guys but I thought if I told my mates that they wouldn’t want to know me. I felt like crap! It all seemed so unfair.

One night I was saw a news story on TV about a sportsman who had come out. I couldn’t believe it. Him – he was so tough and athletic. The next day everyone at school everyone was talking about it and a lot of people said he had a lot of courage.

I decided to talk to my best friend. I felt sick. When I finally said I had something important to tell him I lost my words. He laughed and then said ‘Is this all about you being gay?’. He told me he wasn’t game to ask because he thought he might offend me!

He’s been a fantastic mate and has really supported me over the past couple of months as I have told all my friends and family. Most have reacted well. You can’t win them all but I feel so much better about the future.