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Dad's suicide

My dad committed suicide three years ago. He had been depressed and was in and out of hospital for most of that year. My whole family went into shock- my mum just couldn’t cope and my grandma moved in to look after us. The worst thing was that I hated him for doing it. I couldn’t talk to my friends about how he died because I was embarrassed. Everybody was so sad that he was gone and thought he was a really good dad, and I just hated him and was so angry. My mum’s counsellor suggested I go to a group with kids my age to talk about when a parental suicide. At first I thought it was really lame, but after a while, it began to help. I now realised that my dad had serious clinical depression, and he wasn’t acting like his usual self. Things at home are still really hard, and mum and I fight heaps more, but I kind of understand a little bit more about depression now.

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