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Crappy Life

Getting help to overcoming bullying and self-harm, and make new friends

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How to balance work and play to get good results at school

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A shared story of experiences as a refugee, and how to embrace your differences

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Coming out, and the supportive power of friends and role models

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Not friends anymore

How speaking to a counsellor helped Melanie through a broken friendship

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My Family

Reflecting on the uniqueness of families

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Rob's Family

Rob shares the love for his same-sex parented family and how they've taught him to be true to himself

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How one young person grew to see the bright side of his parents' separation

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Matt fights depression with the help of his loved ones and a counsellor

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Alice shares her tricks to deal with panic attacks

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Drink on weekends only

With alcohol, knowing your limits and watching out for your friends is important

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Kimberly's story about the harmful impact of speed

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Community help

A counsellor's advice helped Amelia deal with the emotional and physical demands of her mum's cancer diagnosis

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Break up

Getting over a break up takes time

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Dad's suicide

Brett turns to a group of people his age to understand his dad's suicide

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Tough time

Counselling gives Nick guidance to cope with his dad's passing

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Broke up

Following a rough break up, Nicki finds solace in talking to others about her feelings

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Living with parents

Ben takes the first steps to find peace in a household full of conflict