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What are the statistics of mental health for teens?

Unfortunately a significant proportion of young people experience mental health difficulties. If you're concerned about your own mental health or that of another young person there are lots of people and places that you can go to get support.

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How do I stop worrying when I don't need to?

Reaching out for support when you feel worried can be really helpful.

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What are the main dietary issues for girls my age that have a mum who works full time and doesn't come home till 6, and on top of all of that a little brother to look after?

Diet and nutrition are really important to think about, particularly for children and young women who are growing and need lots of energy.

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What are the things teens get most stressed about?

It’s really normal for teens to feel stressed about what’s going on for them.

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How do you know there is something wrong with you?

It’s perfectly normal to have thoughts and worries that you may need support with.

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i think i am crazy all my doctors are saying i am not though help me

Reaching out for support when your thoughts and feelings are overwhelming.

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How do I help someone, who doesn't want it, but needs it?

What to do when somebody needs help but doesn't want to accept it.