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Is it normal to masturbate every day


The answer is yes for some people. Masturbation is normal for both genders and how often you do it varies from person to person.  Masturbation refers to anything you do with genitals  yourself for the purpose of  sexual pleasure.  Different people have different sexual drives and this can vary over time from being high to low.  If you are masturbating every day that is your normal and will not harm you or make you “abnormal”.  Most people when they become sexually mature masturbate but in our society it is kept secret or seen as shameful.  It is not anything to be ashamed about  and females and males do it.

If you want to discuss further if you have any other further worries you can speak to someone confidentially and for free through email or on the phone with one of the services I have listed below. Remember, although this may seem embarrassing and huge for you, we hear and listen to similar stories every day. These services have very friendly people on the end of the phone or computer who would love to talk to you.

  • eheadspace or 1800 650 890 – an awesome organisation for young people aged 12-25 where you can email a counsellor or make a free call and get ongoing support. Their website has great information pages and links.
  • Kids Helpline or 1800 55 1800. Although their name is Kids Helpline, this support service is for people up to age 21. You can call them for free and get lots of support.

We also provide counselling for children, young people and families in our Relationships Australia Victoria centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria. These include Ballarat, Boronia, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine, Shepparton and Traralgon.

You can find out more about our counselling service by clicking here.

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