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is it normal to feel put off by the idea of sex. because isn't sex supposed to be some thing that enjoyable? but i don't see it that way. is it normal to not want to have sex? even in the future when i get married, the only reason i would have sex would be to have children. is that normal?


It’s really normal to wonder about this, especially because it can seem like sex is talked about a lot. You may see lots of things about sex in the media, so you might feel you’re surrounded by it. It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is having sex!

Sex is different for each person, and yes – it can be enjoyable. For sex to be enjoyable both people involved need to agree that that’s what they want to do. It needs to feel right for you. This happens for different people at different times and at different ages.

Some people enjoy sex more often than others and some people choose not to have sex. All of these choices are okay!

If you ever feel you would like to have a conversation about any worries you have about sex or anything else, the services below may be helpful to you. You can talk to trained professionals who can help you over the phone or online:

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