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I'm a nerdy guy and I don't leave the house much, and all the relationships I've had so far just haven't seemed to work out due to various reasons, I don't know where to go to meet girls who might be interested in the things i'm interested in, help?


It can be difficult to find new people that have similar interests especially if you do not go out much. You didn’t mention what your interests are, but there are lots of interest groups you can join via the internet to meet like-minded people. 

It can help if you don’t focus too much on finding a romantic relationship - this can make you put too much pressure on yourself and can lead to you missing out on some awesome new friendships. Instead, if you focus on widening your friendship circle then you’re more likely to meet more people and increase your chances of having a new and successful relationship. 

You also mentioned that the relationships you’ve had so far haven’t worked out. Maintaining relationships can also be really hard. You didn’t say why the relationships weren’t working out, however, if you focus on yourself by doing things that make you happy and feel good (not thinking of yourself as a ‘nerdy’), I think you’ll be able to enjoy being in a relationship more and the other person will enjoy being in a relationships with you.

It can be really hard to feel good about yourself sometimes, but you can improve your self-esteem by doing things you enjoy, reaching some goals and also linking in with a counsellor to look at and talk about things that may be getting in your way.   

These services provide lots of information, as well as confidential telephone support with very friendly people on the end of the phone who would love to talk to you.

We also provide counselling for children, young people and families in our centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria. These include Ballarat, Boronia, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine, Shepparton and Traralgon. 

You can find out more about our counselling service by clicking here.


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