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I hate my dad lol


It sounds like you are unhappy with your dad and that that feels confusing for you. Maybe he said something or did something recently that has made you feel upset with him. Hate is a very strong emotion and can feel intense and heavy, and like it won’t or can’t change. How we feel towards different people we know can change over time and talking to other people about how you feel can help you manage strong emotions or find ways to fix a problem. I am wondering if there is someone you trust that you can speak to about why you feel this way towards your dad? By talking things over with someone we trust this can help us to work out what happened that made us have a particular feeling, and what we can do to improve the situation.

There are lots of people and places that you can get help from to talk about your problems and how you feel. It might be a school counsellor or wellbeing coordinator, a teacher, a parent or guardian, other family member, friend, or a support service.

  • You can talk to Kids Helpline via their web chat or on the phone by visiting or calling 1800 551 800. They have counsellors who will be very happy to chat with you 24 hours a day.
  • headspace are a fantastic service to talk to about getting help. Visit or 1800 650 890.

Relationships Australia Victoria also provides counselling for children, young people and families in our centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria. These include Ballarat, Boronia, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine, Shepparton and Traralgon. You can find out more about our counselling service on the connectEDspace website here.

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