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I put myself down quite a lot and also I think very negatively about myself every day. I see hallucinations and rarely hear voices which scare me to death. It mostly happens at night times.

Everyone thinks I am positive person who is bubbly and kind. They think I am normal.
I started to cut, and I haven't told anyone. Even my parents don't know.

All I ask is that seeing hallucinations and hearing demanding voices means I am crazy? What does it mean if that happens. I am just very scared...thank you for listening. :)


Thanks for reaching out to talk to us. It sounds like you have a lot going on at that moment. Having hallucinations, hearing voices and having negative thoughts does not make you “crazy”. Thousands of young people have worries about their mental health. In fact, one in four young people need professional support for their mental health, so you are not alone.

I can understand it can be scary to talk to family and others about something you don’t completely understand yourself but it is really important you get some support with what you are experiencing.

An awesome place you can get confidential (private) and free support online and over the phone is eheadspace. They have loads of experience dealing with young people with symptoms just like yours. It would be great if you can give them a call or visit their website via the details below, as talking to someone about things is really helpful.

Also you don’t have to worry about needing to be ‘bubbly” or “kind” when you talk to them. Just be you - that is enough! Even the happiest and kindest people in the world need support.

I’ve listed the contact details below of eheadspace and some other helpful services.
These services provide lots of information, as well as confidential telephone support with very friendly people on the end of the phone who would love to talk to you.

•             eheadspace  - or 1800 650 890
•             Lifeline – or 13 11 14
•             beyondblue – or 1300 224636

We also provide counselling for children, young people and families in our centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria. These include Ballarat, Boronia, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine, Shepparton and Traralgon.

You can find out more about our counselling service on the connectEDspace website here.

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