Bullying Quiz

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Bullying is serious stuff. And knowing how to deal with bullying can be tough. Sometimes talking things through with a trusted friend or family member can help. This quiz takes a lighthearted look at some of the options in dealing with bullies and bullying. Click here if you need help now.

All of the above may be true, what is important is to discover what your brother if experiencing when the other kids call him a girl. It is important to listen to him and not to immediately jump to a solution. It is wise to find out what support your brother would like from you.
You really need to find out what it is your brother would most like to happen. Taking a knee jerk reaction like asking your parents if he can go to a different school might actually further undermine your brother. You could ask him if that is what he wants and support or encourage him to speak with your parents. Often people who are bullied are feeling lonely and cut off before the bullying starts. Being there for them so they don't feel so isolated is the most important service you can provide.
All of the above may be true but you might have noticed that there are lots of light-hearted options in this quiz. Option A is a reminder to hold on to the information lightly so that your friend or sibling can know that you still have a loving and caring relationship that exists beyond the heaviness of the bullying experience.
The problem with option A is that this might incite the bully to take further action. Resistance is often not direct. If you figure out ways that you and your siblings and friends can strengthen your relationships, connections and interests you are going to be in a much more powerful position.
Option A may be tricky. If you engage further with the rumours you are only going to give them more life. If you really need to write something send yourself or someone you really trust an email talking about all the anger and sadness you feel. But don't let this email be seen by anybody who is likely to turn it against you.